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eyes Ruins

And then Galera, all right? I think it's the first blog post this year, but today I have come to share a thought, share with your friends, comment below if you want to do some placement, or a correction of the Portuguese kkkk feel free to write down.
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eyes Ruins

My natural eyes suffer from myopia and astigmatism, and my eye is defective, kkk, and yet he grew more than necessary, and because of that my vision is all grounded and dark, If I'm walking down the street the probability stumble and fall is too large, off to read a paper or even a poster with large letters are impossible with all these problems makes my life is very bad, and sad.

The eyes of our soul are not different, they in their very nature are grounded in their myopia lives concerned about this and want to live now, live as if the future were there, live as if there were no consequences of the facts we do today.

The eyes also suffer with his farsightedness, just think of the future, trample stages in his life, has no patience to wait, do not look where to go, do not look to the side, do not see the people who surround him, and to get what want in life steps on who has the front.

The eyes also suffer from astigmatism, do not see anything ... everything is grounded, it is very difficult, does not see this, do not see the future, changes are dark. and can not see exactly the truth, always see everything very distorted, and draws his own conclusions, which are mostly wrong.

For all these diseases only will a solution the drops of one of relief, but there's nothing better than the glasses, which is to correct what is wrong, he has to show us what we have done is to show what is right and what it's wrong.

But the way to the glasses is very difficult, it takes someone with a lot of love and wisdom comes to help and say what is going wrong, and this person has in the glasses is correct our vision.

Yes, God created man, but man has lost his way, walked riotous in their own view, God sent the prophets (eye drops) to help us to correct our vision, but it was not enough, so he sent his best treasure JESUS who came to fix what was wrong and straighten our vision.

We need Jesus, not occasionally, but always !!!

Place the glasses on his face to correct the natural eyes, and put Jesus in your heart to correct everything that is wrong.

God bless,
Matthew Ágora.

quinta-feira, 26 de março de 2015

Friendship Box 8

Finally, came the big day, the last of friendship box, I wanted to thank everyone who visited my blog, we had views of records throughout this week ...

I did this series of posts to medium to anyone, I did it because I wanted to show everyone that there are still people who want to be someone's real friends, and my I found during my walk with God, for all we are running towards the same goal, which is the grace and the love and presence of God and this is what unites us, and also wanted to somehow honor everyone who helped me here in Campinas !!!

And today the friend I'll talk, was my best friend ...

Israel Silva Costa.
Then I ask you, who have the courage to bring your youngest, spoiled brother who lived never alone in life to live with you?
I remember when you asked me there in São Joaquim if I have the courage to go home, and my answer was only one: - logical that have kkkkk.
I guess you thought:
Because I went to open my mouth kkkk
Okay I got here 01.12.2014 day and the first day I've already put me to work ... Borá touch the praise!

I remember the first Sunday sermons were about alliance, and that day I made a covenant with you, to pray for truth in his life, and the only thing I regret is not having started to pray before.

Hey bro, let's remember the stories?

The first story was seeking employment, I remember many days you had to wake up very early and take me to the billions of interviews, and I remember one that was at the mall Dom Pedro, and the interviewer told me that my resume was the best until then, I had already been the room to do the interview, I was almost sure that the job was mine, on the way back home you said to me:
-Matthew You saw that you will have to travel all day for 1 hour? I will not let you work here, you are not starving, and what you need if I can I'll give you, so it's quiet.
I was already at the top of despair I'll take the first job to call me, and when one would work but would escape the plans was to serve the church you already told me:
-Matthew Does not !!!
Good brother, thankfully heard you because otherwise I would have missed God's best for me.

You taught me a lot here in Campinas, taught me to lead the church in worship and praise the Lord.

And taught me to tolerate people, to have more patience, taught me to walk over two miles if necessary, even was at this same time of year kkkk.

I also remember when I received a CIEE email saying I had spent in an interview and I jumped, shouted into the church, and spent a day, spent two days, spent a week and nothing the company contact, then I decided to contact and they said that the interview and had not had anyone chosen not finished yet, and I was very sad because the e-mail had been sent to the wrong, we were happy for nothing.

But all right, keep moving, good in the meantime you have suffered with me, cried with me, paid many snacks for me, kkkkkkkkk

I encouraged him to learn to play guitar really taught me to be a better person. You believed in me.

I always serie grateful to God for his life and for their courage and for their daring to bring me here.

You know brother is admirable, because even with all the situations that happened in your life, you remained faithful to the church and to his ministry, and faithful to God, I told you this, but I will repeat, either in place already had gone out, but you do not, and even gave me a surprising answer:
-Matthew My vision is bigger !!! I see after the problems I see the solution.
Yes you impressed me and faced all the problems, standing, you did not stop, it may even have reduced the step, but you did not stop walking, and these people know is that God wants to bring the others, God wants people who speak so:
-Cai But got !!!! And bora keep moving, and who have by my side will stand up with me, can not stop, our target is greater than our difficulties, our target is JESUS ​​!!!!
Yes you've always done it, even before this year end, I remember how many times the youth of the church came to you and said to you:
-Israel thank you for believing in me.
And I'm part of this class thanking you, because you knowing our shortcomings and limitations you call us to walk together and believe in us.

All of the youth team of the church today if it were not for you call, encourage, pray, believe and not give up, maybe today would be just another church.
Because you believe, and you put faith in each one of them, since you told me what the strengths of the team, quoted each Presb. Claudia, Jessica, Gabriel, Laila, William and Daniel, and said to me what each had to offer, and their potential both to stay ahead of the youth team, but also praise, you spoke with a force and with a fact, that inspired me kkk, the fruits are they to this day all who are part are secure in the war to serve God, but each owes a bit, and I also.
You have given me and gave praise to Saturday, I know it was very important to you, for this responsibility was great, a time of praise that practically only you coordinated, could not be done anyway because it was very important for you and to God, alias no worship can be done anyway, because it is not for men is to God.
Looking at the Bible, you do something only God does, which is to believe in people who do not appear to be trained for the work we see the example of Moses, who put a stutterer full of emotional problems to go in front of Pharaoh ask deliverance of his people? Only God, God believes in you, God believes in us.

I wrote in the caption of this photo on the right: "My God is a God-start" and God "I believe that God brother has begun the new history in your life, God has begun to restore your ministry and I have seen that the every day.
And now with all this experience you have, look at young people who are outside the church, they need your restoration testimony, they need to know that God is a God you new beginnings and new opportunities, is a God who does not abandon us, and love us.
Then go mano !!!!!
I will always be praying for you, because God has a great work to accomplish in your life, and through it.
That many young people could meet you ... I pray a lot for this, because you look at people with God's eyes and see beyond what others see, people need this look of Merciful and love, we find ourselves in this your.

Let the curious facts ...

You taught me to play chess, I remember that you had won the anniversary of his mistress in open, and I could not read yet, and yet you had the patience to teach me.

It taught me to use the computer already in Campo Grande in Mato Grosso do Sul, not so patiently so, because you were already in the youth stage, the stage of the I want to live free of my brothers kkkkk ...

You have to apologize too, kkkk there in Campo Grande you joined coins, and I and Jonathan we stole them to buy figurine Keys, and Jonathan's something else; excuse the little brother.

I blew two days off their, the first time was at the beginning of March last year, I got conjunctivitis in my first week of work here in the federal savings bank, and you stayed with me for 5 hours at the hospital to be met, even I was 17 then you can enter the home care.
And two weeks later, came a speck in my eye, and the espertão here nearly took the eye from scratching, and off we went again to the hospital, facing queue, to be referred to another hospital, we had to wait a little longer to be met, and there have cisco removed, good end of this joke was the eye capped because I could cause an eye injury in my eye.

Good you tried to teach me to cook one day I get good who knows? kkkkkkkkkk
You told me your secret, if the food is bad puts cream that solves kkkkk ...
To me you put a lot of cook in your pocket ...'m serious man.

Mano have so many stories to tell, the story of the day in which we wash the whole room, kkkkkk
the day that I was inventing makes rice and done ... then had to invent something not to throw out the rice, eat a lot of rice with ham and mozzarella.

You were always the example of love, whenever someone connected needing something, could be the time it was, you met and if need be you going to meet the person, just to help !!!

This next photo was when Gabriel went very badly, and we were midnight until five in the morning in the hospital with him.

Your whats kept ringing, I was often willing to drop your cell phone on the floor by accident, but this is your ministry to help people, to give people what God has given you, you are not selfish.

You always give the opportunity to all, gave me opportunities to sing in a cult with the Apostle, shared ministry in important church services.
You did not do this just to me but to all of the worship team, we all had opportunities on your side, you can read the previous posts and you can see that your name is in almost all of them, because you are part of the history of all, always making a difference.

Mano mano thanks for everything you did for me ....
You was the most cheered me when I went to college, work together, and I saw how you have the resourcefulness to solve problems, something I have not, as you support the pressures.

I on behalf of the Church of Campinas Source of Life, (because I have authority to do this), I want to thank you for fighting for this church, for fighting for every young person who appeared in the church by fighting for praise, and for having dedicated in projects for church growth, this includes the projects of the other brothers, you were always there willing to help, and sometimes (often) their effort was not recognized, but I'm your brother and member of this Church and saw that you in 2014 was the most worked for the church, for Christ's sake, because our motivation comes from him.
I saw day you woke at dawn to pray, I saw the days you won learning new songs to the praise, reading the Bible, I saw everything, and you confess that stuck with me, you're still my example of dedication in God's work.
Yourself with many stones to hit it with reason who attacked you, you threw them on the floor and chose to be happy !!!

And I see that God already rewarding you for it !!!!

You are the best friend anyone could have, a loyal guy and that supports and loves people,

I can not forget the millions of times covered me kkkk night, when he took me in the throne Before the show once I got here, when he took the headset that was around my neck while I slept, and the day you woke at dawn to make soup for me kkk, because I was very sick.
Thank you for lent me his clothes, even her perfume kkkk
Thanks bro to go in school to see me singing at school, and make the mess, was very important for me, thanks for coming by fighting in school for giving me the wrong paper to make the college enrollment, and did they send in time the paper to me, thank you for teaching me to move in the sound mixer, thank you for giving me tips to play guitar, taught me the new notes, for teaching me to do F # m.
Thank you for leaving me numerous times, I remember we went to watch a movie in the theater and I said that this was the day of the celebration of my birthday, because only we were there.
Thanks bro for taking me to meet a recording studio for the first time, and also recorded there, the following sentence: "Sodom and Gomorrah," hey out there finding myself kkkkkkkkkkk.

Thanks for your patience, thank you for supporting me, for loving me ....
Thank you for making me realize that I was just wasting time walking quarreled with Gabriel kkk.

Good brother you did so much for me this year, I can write another 500 pages easy easy.
Good bro this is my tribute to brother best friend in the world, my best older brother!

Forgive me for the times I was wrong with you, the times we should have stayed quiet, or should have spoken, forgive me brother if you hurt or embarrassed you ever, I know I'm not easy,
Well I'll stop because I'm writing this to over 5 hours and right now are already 4 am !!!

Man I'll always be by your side, I will always fight for you, and I want to see you happy, for it forever: "I cover you with my cloak of protection, which are the prayers, and always will offer you my sword, which is the word of God. "

I think all this guys down here, all participants of my life, through the life of Christ Jesus in his.

And so I enclose this series of posts about friendship,
values ​​their friendship, donate time, donate ears, donate words, extend the hands of its protective cover, and always offer the sword, which is the word of God.
Do not waste time, send a message now to his or her best friends, your family values, values ​​who is around you.

Stay with God, just this post series, but will come many other ..
A hug grid,
Stay in the peace of the heavenly Father,
Matthew Agora

Friendship Box 7

We arrived almost on the last day !!!
Many people here in Campinas helped me, or part of my history ... Maybe they did not imagine they could be here, but they are because they were part of my history and I'm not ungrateful, I want to honor the lives of all ...

I will show you in order of people I met:

Paul Anarelli, he was the first guy of the church talking to me, was one of the first to join me in the crowd, took me to the gym ... kkkk hey bro, I remember you would get me there in the church to go work out. ..
But I'm sedentary kkkkkk, was not born to it.
I wanted to thank you in public, for being the first to join me in the galley, I apologized, but I want to do this again, forgive me for not being the friend who promised to be God, you were the first to invite me to go to lunch, fried egg for me to kkkkk.
I remember the afternoon you sent me videos of marombas, and told me his plans to be marombeiro kkkk ... And you could, I see that the size of your kkkkk arm, good heads are together, and I have said this once, and I'll say it again: - If you need me, I'll be there to cover you with the mantle of protection which are the prayers, and always will offer you the sword is the word of God, alias is what friends do. (Reference the friendship of Jonathan and David). Stay with God bro !!!

Eurico and Duana, they are on the left side of your screen.
Let's start with the big man small that is the Eurico, a fighter and worthy of my respect boy, I know of your difficulties, and I see how you strive to be going in the church, I want to tell you little brother that God is watching your effort and will reward you for all this sacrifice. Thanks for the time you listened to me talk endlessly kkkk ... I believe in you and believe in your ministry, and therefore called you to attend the first theater we did in the church in 2014.
I can not forget the Friday you get out there in your city to come play with me, thank you little brother. God will bless you with every blessing I believe.
Duana, this girl is also taking his hat, little sister I want to tell you you're worth so much to God, so do not care what people say about you, you are an example of overcoming, I remember when Israel said you started playing keyboards on a keyboard design on heavy paper, learned the notes and everything, strip heard music, you will take your hat, and as I said to his brother, God is watching your effort to His come home, and he will reward you for it.
Maninhos need I'll be here !!! Blow a big hug to his Father.
You are examples to us ATTITUDE group !!!

 Hey Carol and Peter ...
This girl is also taking the hat, I remember you started attending the service attitude, so I came here in Campinas, in the first party of the year you were on the barbecue and impressed everyone ... kkkk
I must confess that I was mad when you post photos of food on facebook, I am eager to eat.
You are a special girl to God, and he has plans of peace and good for your future, then trust him with all your heart and with all your soul.
This Peter is a blessing, his son mascot ATTITUDE, kkk
He takes each coat on the floor and continued walking as if nothing had happened, a boy a tough and smart so well.
May God to bless your life and the life of his family, his mother and his brothers too !!
I know God has something for you all very special, then seek him little sister, and that his knee can be restored to the Gloria the name of the Lord.
Good little sister if you need I'll be here !!! A big hug and be with God.

You can say what you want ... kkkkk ....
Yes I'll tell you, as much as I have had disagreements with you in recent months, you were also my friend here in Campinas.
Friends of jokes ... songs of friends ...
I remember the times I'd give some music and you told me:
-You Laid boy !!!
I felt super motivated, and it was worth every minute we spent together rehearsing for the praise.
This photo up here was the day of Leo Fonseca came here, we rehearsed a lot for that day, and God honored us a lot because of our effort.
And I can not forget that the word (BROW) entered my vocabulary because of you. kkk
Good Arthur, I never stopped praying for you or your family, my wish is that you never get away from the church and the presence of God, forgive me if for some reason I gave you reasons to get away, but actually I was Bravo to see if you react, and insisted on staying.
God has a work to complete in your life, and I know that very well, so I will always cover her life in prayer ... even mad at you kkk.
His family is a gift to us, and we only fight with whom we like ...
You admire the musical gifts that God has given you ...
Good brother, I'll be here always ready to push you and encourage you to go further, I'll be here bro !!!!
God bless you.

 They told me they only started dating because of me kkk, because I have always been a friend of the two since the day they entered the church.
The first few times that Mark was in the church, I got a super wanted to hit him, the crackling and Praise him there, full of opinions, but thank God, God broke the difficult boy.
But you're my buddy, and I will always give you what I have to offer, the word of God, from time to time I am eager to pick up the Bible and stick within your kkkkk head ... Play the parties.
Mano God has a plan for you, and everyone knows this, recently the Lord delivered you from death, and that deliverance, for me this is the greatest proof that God loves you and has a plan for your life, be grateful to God little brother, because he has bigger plans and better than yours and mine.
Jessica came later, but first has come participate in the theater with me kkkkk ...
And that's when our friendship began, but you are special for all of us, I was very happy to know that you would date, and I was happy that I'll be the godfather of a child kkkkkk (Play)
I want you both to know that I will always pray for you, I will always offer the best that I have as I said, that is the word of God.
God has a work in your life, and the work is great, but you need to prepare, pray, seek and surrender to our God. I love you, stay strong in this war, cling much to our God, because now you're going to raise a child, my tip to you is Biblical:
Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when it is old he will not depart from him!
Proverbs 22: 6

Well guys, today is my birthday tomorrow and I I close friendship box,
You can not miss !!!
So enjoy our FAn-page on facebook
And stay tuned for news who viewed here on our blog.
Best regards Matthew Agora.

Friendship Box 6

Hey guys, I wanted to thank all those who are joining us in this series of posts on the blog, that God our Lord bless you very much.

Today I will talk about two people who are also very important to me, my sisters in Christ, my ministry sisters, are single kkkkkk my friends.

Jokes aside ... come on ...

Yes, I'll start with you sis ...
People I present my sister, Jessica ...
She is a very special girl for me when I arrived here in Campinas, I thought she was boring, and stumbled across nojentinha, but I was wrong, thank God !!!!
A girl of prayer, I will not forget the times that covered me in prayer, not only for my life, but also by the mother of the life of Gabriel (My friend from school), and God heard our prayers.
This is another person who enters my follies and is only thinking:
Matthew -This is crazy, very crazy, but crazy with desire.
A partner girl, and very sincere, I enjoy more your friendship and your company.
You're that girl very fearing God, prayer girl I admire a lot, and I believe that your family will be saved through the life of Jesus in your life, because God is looking for people who are saved, people who indulge, people willing, and you are this person, and God will prepare you for the feast days in the sky, by people who have accepted Jesus !!! Gloria God, I believe in you !!!

The first time Pastor Reginald was preaching in the Youth worship after I arrived here in the middle of the praise I saw you there surrendering to the Lord without reserve, and this struck me, and I told the Lord I will redeem myself so unreservedly for you Jesus.

You know I have a freedom to show my songs, and a song that did was for us, reminds you of Complexes music?
That song reminds us of a high value that Jesus paid for us the price of blood.
And he looked at you and saw love, he looked at you and felt love, he looked at you and saw him, he loves you very much, you're worth a lot to him little sister, and me too.

I'll never get tired of me tell you that He (Our God) will honor you for your choices, he will honor you for your prayer life, and search and holiness.

Hey life will never forget our talk, it was Tuesday or Wednesday, and we had begun to talk like this:
-Poxa Brother I miss talking to you, let's talk kkkkk ...
This is because we had been all together in the church Saturday and Sunday morning as well.
How many times have opened my heart to you and you to me, and so God was in ...
Now that we stay away, JESUS ​​...

I'll tell you something curious in his birthday last year I helped choose your birthday gift ... kkkkk

Little sister I love you very much. Whenever you need me I'll be here, to cry and to smile, their struggles are mine, your joys are also mine, we are together till eternity, I'm already praying for the life of his uncle, he is in God's hands.

Damn life, it's your turn ...

It all started in the house of Cejana was the first time we talked and talked for a long time ...
Were you fighting with me a long time because I did not want to take the shirt to swim, kkk I was dying of shame, yet did not take.
There began our friendship, and have cried a lot together, have laughed a lot, as we sing together, dance together and have the best ever we work together ...

I remember that last year the carnival against I fought with everyone just to be able to sit next to you at the time of worship, this year I put my bag on the chair, al Claudinha said:
-Gente Not take this backpack give, Matthew put kkkkkkkkk.
I laughed more.

People, this girl is a miracle of God.
When she was 13 she fell from a tree 13 meters high, and broke his leg, was the victim of medical negligence and survived, when she changed her doctor they found errors, and did a surgery where she received as a gift 13 screws leg, and got these screws for some years, and walked again to dance but was in pain the next day.

Once Israel made a deal with me, we were going to pray that God would heal you, so you could walk far without feeling excruciating pain the other day, we wanted to complete healing, we pray without you knowing.

(This part I will tell you now I decided to summarize, so I just told the day of the final resolution of all the drama, Gabi So do not be surprised kkk)

Doctors have said they had no more to do, you would have to live doing physical therapy, would have to stay forever if controlling, but God is the doctor of doctors, and it is he who gives wisdom to men, one day someone you spoke of a doctor who could do something for you, an expensive doctor, I remember you told me and said it would be expensive, so I put faith would have a hope that query.
On Saturday I called you for a crazy challenge, I had invited two people to do with me, but no one wanted, then I thought of Gabi (Gabi is the nickname I gave her), I thought of you, and you thought like everyone else :
-This Matthew is really crazy !!! But come on !!!
And you accepted the challenge, was a theater in which speech would have, would have sudden drops to the ground, and you accepted, we had only one hour to rehearse, and stayed within the Israel office training 300 times each party were 3 parts to part you suffered most was the part that her character hits the ground, we are in this part about 20 minutes, and you fall and at no time claimed, kkkk (I was very wrong, forgive me), but you got into character and went to the end, I remember you stopped the trial and said he needed to talk something important to me, oh you rolled a little, and told me, I was in the doctor and he said he has hope !!!! He told me he has a chance to return to cycling (Cycling is one things that totally impossible, because she did not have that leg movement), dancing, walking and jumping without feeling the pain the other day, and the best was approved by the health plan, and we stopped the test to cry and thank God.
My God is a God who gives wisdom to men, and we glorify for it.
At the time of worship did the theater and at the time you hit the ground, you fell for real ... and even then danced and after all there were impacted with that theater.
All glory to Jesus !!!!
That day we felt that the Lord would restore the arts ministries in the church source of life, and Israel confirmed it later in his preaching, and we are seeing the Lord restore the arts in the church, people's health, and also restoring the its people and the Brazil !!!!

And I need hardly say that I was one of the first to go to visit you in the hospital after surgery, and I was also one of the first I saw you walk now without the 13-pin ... I would not miss this for anything in my life.

Little sister I have not thank God for your life, you gave me your friendship and the DVD and the Throne Before the CD and the book of Bianca Toledo, and the letters and poetry, I have no words to thank.
I have nothing to give you in return unless my prayers for your life that will never cease.
Maninha always count on me ... I love you little sister and you are precious to God and to me, you're worth a lot !!!

Good maninhas, this is my tribute to you ... I have nothing to offer you for everything you did for me.
And I prophesy that God will give a husband, a partner, a friend that you deserve a guy after the heart of God, which will support the ministries of you, and that will be with you !!!
Receive? Say Amen !!!! kkkkkkkkkkkk
I love you !!!!

Well guys, today I have more friends to know you !!!
And you can not miss !!!
I value friendship !!!
A big hug to all of you !!!
Matthew Agora.

Friendship Box 5

"God is going in front leading the way, breaking the chains, removing the thorns, commands the angels to fight with thee, he opens the door for anyone else close, he works for which it relies, walks with you night and day, lift his hands his blessing arrived, start singing with much praise !!!! "

Yes let's start our posting with this music, now in our fifth friendship box, I'll talk about two brothers who are surprised sometimes (almost always), but if someone else mess with any of them, safe vish top that the ox will jump ... Oh the root of Goiais rises to the head, to be exact eyebrow, kkkkkkkkkk

(Cracked KKKKKK)

Yes guys, you who are the Campinas-SP life giving church already know who I'm talking about.
I'm talking about you and Laila William.

Sister, I think you're the bravest woman in the world, on Saturday you got to give me welcome the new city, I was a redneck who had just arrived in the big city and you received me with open arms. you were the first family that adopted me here in Campinas, (I will not get tired of saying I'm grateful for you), you know sister always admired you singing and ministering in the church, an admiration that I never hid, I learn a lot from you in every conversation. She is a woman of prayer, a woman who has the presence of God (Who ever set foot in the holy of holies elsewhere not know how to live ...), intense and that is what catches my attention to you, this search God surprises me and makes me want to go further.

You are an example to me of holiness for me and all the young people of the church, little sister wanted to thank you for the prayers that you did for me, thank you for embracing me when I needed, thank you sis.

We went through very similar situations, and you came to hug me and say I knew what was happening to me, and you told me it was not easy, but God would help us, thank you for mercy look, and for the love you showed for my family.

Thanks sis, for everything you've done for me ...
Continue straight in the eternal purposes, God is with you, do not give up because God will bless you (will suddenly).

Love you !!!

Hey brow, thought I would forget you? kkkkk

Now you Bill, is a partner, ready for any battle, my brother intense, is to jump and dance, we go together, is to worship go together.
It's so nice to be around people so intense in their worship, I identified first with you, I saw that there was someone who entered the Holy of Holies very easily, I right away I said: -It this even if I want .
You are an example of worshiper, ta bad praise we love, this good would love this more or less we love, this excellent so let fly !!!! kkkkkkk ....
Today's musicians days and I include myself in them, only we enter into worship in a service only if people "better" than we teaching or playing or singing, I have a review about them and about me are not true worshipers, are worshipers during ... But you do not, you're the guy who loves in and out of time, that makes you special.
Mano admire you very much, always very convinced, but always open to contrary opinions, a loyal guy and I know that is fighting against his own wishes, and you will be victorious little brother, continue firm.
This is al mano, God is already restoring his life, he has changed his clothes, he has put a new sandal on your feet, and has put a new ring on her finger, and the lamb was already dead, but rose again to live eternity with you, and he only did it because he has thoughts of peace and good thoughts about you.
Little brother still this guy you are, this guy hugging general, practicing the love of Jesus within and outside the church.
Abrasive mano ... count me always.

And I do not even have to talk about the little sister, the mother of the two of you, a happy woman, gay, a woman of prayer, and how often she prayed for me, I think she never ceased to pray for me and my family.
I will testify here, she told me this:
-Matthew, I have a certainty in my heart that God has a blessing truck for your life here in Campinas.
And really, I could choose the job I wanted, I could see my ministry developing within the church, the coming of my parents here, behind miracles of miracles.
I must mention here, my dismissal from the army OHHH Glorias God, the Glorias JESUS ​​!!!
Thank you for your prayers for my life, for hugs, for the advice and I want to tell you that I love you, and you will always be my mother. kkkkk
I I'll pray more, because I believe that God will work a miracle in her husband's life.

This family is blessed of all, Lord Jesus did not save the blessings on their lives, because this is the people who worship you in spirit and in truth, Amen !!!

Well guys, these are my friends,
we are already coming down the stretch, this series of posts, and I want to introduce you more friends tomorrow.
So enjoy our fan-page on Facebook and follow us here at google it.
A big hug.
Matthew Agora.

Friendships box 3

Hello my friends and brothers in Christ Jesus.
Today I'll introduce you to two friends !!!
He more than friend is my brother, and he was much stronger than me !!!
I present to you my friend brother Gabriel ...

He was a friend of my brother Israel long before my arrival in Campinas, and when I got here I must confess that I felt a lot of envy and jealousy.
Serio even felt envy and jealous of his friendship and my brother, I often wanted to kill him kkk, but he insisted on staying close to me and talk to me, and so he managed to break the barrier that had inside me.
Yes, you broke that barrier in the day we went together to enlist in the army, in the way we were talking and praying to be released that day was not what happened. We had to go many times, to be honest we were almost one year wound with the army.
It was in those days I saw you was the guy most of the time of kkkk church, a partner of every hour, a guy available to help.

And it was the most difficult moment of his life that I felt within me, you more than a friend you were my brother, I suffered with you and feel to this day, not the same as you, but I feel.
My greatest difficulty was having to give praise that day, and pray for you asking the Lord gave you strength, a strength that came from above, a force that does not come from men, a force that does not come from words, but a force that comes from God.

And you once again proved to everyone that was strong, not only in stature but of feelings and faith.

I remember that shortly after I was able to apologize to you, the lost time I had carrying within me a certain rejection of you.
I also remember that shortly after you preached to young people, showing us that with God we can pass all situations because it strengthens us.

I'm not even like to thank you for the prayers that you did, so I was discharged from the army, you are my brother brother;

I wanted to tell you is the younger brother, but no, right? kkkkkk

Good little brother, thanks for everything, I will continue praying for you covering you in prayer and always offering you the sword is the word of God.

Not have to talk about this girl that Gabriel has the privilege to call her. kkkkk The Ju is the most daring girl I've ever met, even serious, she sings the songs more hours in the services, and it was she who encouraged me to dare, and it was because of her that I had the courage to sing in public to my version of the song King of Glory (King of Glory) Jesus culture. Follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=405749112939950&set=vb.100005145941463&type=3&theater
And who will say to sing Christ Son of the living God? was because of his daring ...
This girl owns a beautiful voice and a blessed gift to touch all bases instruments of a band, or almost (Lack battery, but Gabriel touches to her kkk), I'm your fan.
May you win this time of shame, and from up, face new challenges, and move on in his ministry
Almost studied together this year! But plans changed, and I'll cheer for you sis.
Well I will close here this tribute to you with this video of gratitude to the Lord !!!
Because he believes in us !!!

Follow the link:

Well folks this was more a tribute to my friends. I really miss you.
Good if you likes, you can enjoy our fan-page on facebook, because it has more honors tomorrow.
A big hug
Matthew Agora

segunda-feira, 16 de março de 2015

Friendship Box 4

Hello people !!! Thank you that watching us in this series of posts named "Friendship Box", today we come to the middle of this series and could not be someone else unless she:

Jessica in the background and Claudia's photo right.
Claudia, Claudia kkkk ...
You know that this will be the hardest word write you since the day I arrived here hugged me (Sorry I'm already crying).
We have so many stories together ... kkkkk
You just did not embrace me, as embraced all my family, I am eternally grateful to God for his life.

Good'll tell you a little bit here what you've done for me ...

My first day in Campinas you took me to my enrollment in the CIEE, because I needed a service, you the most provision was taking me.
And we ever got along my ass off for the Nivea Soares CD was playing in your car, remember it was a Friday, hey life good thing the musical tastes have hit right off the bat, and the night we first kkk time in Patropi.

Well let a little more forward, we go to the party of despair, kkkkk

I was already one month unemployed, and you were an angel of God in my life, I had already delivered many resumes all over town, did many interviews and no one called me to work, and every day that passed I became more desperate, and you always spoke to me stay calm that would be all right, you suffered with me.

There was a day that I cried the morning and part of the afternoon inside the room, and you called me and called me for a ride, you would buy some counters to the gym, but talked more than we buy.

We turned friends in a short time, most were many times that I was sad and you arrived at the church with a smile on his face, and I forgot my affliction.

I also remember that on a Saturday I was in kkkk fossa, and you invited me to lunch at the mall, I did not tell you more held back tears while eating lunch because I needed both a strength, and you are an example of overcoming, win one Fibromyalgia is not for everyone, the person to beat this disease have to be strong, and have to seek the presence of God, then I cried because you had taken me out a sad day, but also cried because my problem was so small close to everything you have overcome, it was time to dry the tears and continue ... You are an example to everyone in the church and for young people too.

One day hope shone for us, I had just received a call from CEF for a conference, and you were there in the church talking with Israel and with Bruna, you celebrated with me, hope knocked on the door.

The day of the interview Israel gave me the number of the wrong bus, (In fact the number was right, but the bus only went to one at a time) and was almost in the interview time, and you arrived at kkkkk church, (Thank you Jesus for the life of Claudia, I have no words to thank you, how much you were good to me, thank you Jesus), and I just wondered if you could take me, and you with that smile that only you have said yes, and off we went.

Here comes the fun part, put the GPS address and he began to take us out of the city kkkk, you realized it was not there we had to go, did the outline and put the new GPS until we got there.
The other challenge now was to where it is the Bank? Off we went looking for the bank inside the mall (which was very small) and he was right in front kkkkk ...

I did the interview and you were waiting for me outside, out of that interview with a smile on his face, it seemed that the door would finally open.

Good was now only hope, that same week I was called ...
And when I got the call you was there ... kkkkkkkkk
Glory to God, I joined the CEF, goodbye despair !!!

Let's talk about our roles now ...

The first time we went in the cinema, We got there the movie promised, good actors, everyone was excited, but in the first 30 minutes we had to leave, the film was more pornographic than thriller ... And there raises Galley 6 people in the room . Many kkkk laughter ...

The second time we went in the cinema was more cool, we were watching 300, I slept almost the middle of the whole movie, the parts that I watched him for a laugh, you Gabriel and Israel watched the whole movie was mass, little I watched the film shot the conclusion that it is the bloodiest movie I have ever seen in my life, it was very good.

After the third time you Israel and I were watching the movie that moved us "Heaven is real" in these three wept kkkk, we saw the power of prayer and the intercession of the church.

Another thing we found in common was a love of books ... BOOKS !!!!

Last year I read nearly 20 books (No zuera), and you took me many times in my playground, and we'd there two beast seeing books and traveling in that bookstore, chose some to the church, and we also logical that we acquired some books for us.
That was our playground, want to see me happy to take me in a bookstore. kkkkkk

Claudia is a partner, ministry partner, I will never forget the day I arrived an hour before the Sunday service and speak: -Gente we sing a new song? Ai Claudinha already speaks: -Oh Jesus, here comes Matthew ... Let's not it!?!?!

And recently I can not forget you entered the craziest of my life:
-Claudinha'll Do my birthday in a rehabilitation clinic for drug addicts?
And with that smile she said:
- We Will !!!! (In her mind: - Matthew you lost it kkkkkk)

I can not forget the last minute Theatre on the Persecuted Church, the theater which impacted the church.

Claudinha one day I asked for you:
-What Hours you sleep?
And I received the most beautiful answer to this question:
'I sleep in time when all of Attitude (youth group) are fine.

That heart is this Jesus?
If there's one thing I do not miss is my sleep, the world is running out and I'm sleeping. kkkk

Size has no explanation of my gratitude for your life.

I remember the day "crionças" kkkk we went we buy candy, and making jokes, and dreaming, planning and living God's best for us at that time.
I can not forget the last work you did, tiring Louvorzão more, and you there with a smile on his face, a bit mad in the end, but the mission had been fulfilled.
The festivals we did was worth every one, because we have been blessed and because we were in the center of God's will.

You were my personal trainer, life hey, we did more talking than training therapy, in fact you were beast, would not start light (At least I think kkk) was very good, and all this for free, (I do not know how to thank you), but I found that I was not born and sedentary pair kkk physical effort.

I can not forget, you were in the theater with me the first time, went to watch the Jehovah Nissi, you accepted the invitation and went along with my class of kkkkkk school, cried there too.

Good you have suffered with me, my fights fought mainly laughed with me, prayed with me, sang with me and lived with me.

I'll stop here, because they will not drown kkkk.

Claudia I pray that God may bless you with every coming blessings of heaven, you deserve the best, you are the beloved girl of our Father, and I have no doubt that he will bless you much these new challenges ahead, do not give up, do not lose faith, fear not, go ahead and increases the tent, because many young people will come after you in need of help and thirsty for the living water that Jesus is, and these waters flow from within, if prepares presbytera God has great things to do in our country, whenever you need will be available to you, even away I'll cover you with the mantle of protection which are the prayers, and always will offer you the sword is the word of God.
Really love you.

Now we go to another part of the family.

Bruna in the left corner of the photo.
Bruna, Brubs, Bru, or even hunger. kkkkk
Maninha I admire you, you sing, play and loves the truth of the Lord.
I'm just wondering who I'm going to sing, "There on the Cross" or "I'm Rendered" Our Father loves Me, Song of the Apocalypse, I see the glory, chosen generation ,?
For me will always be always a pleasure to share ministry with you, who will arrive with the repertoire ready for worship?
For those who I will speak: -Ministra fast music today?
Good little sister I am thankful to God for his life.

I am an admirer of his ministry, I can not talk more I am, I pray that God will treat you and make you grow, continue being the salt and light in your home and in your school (because I know you are, and faces a slash through it), but God is looking for these prophets of this generation, and I have no doubt that you are a.

But this is al little sister, not discouraged, adversity will come, but we must be firm, we are the prophet of this generation that is coming, in fact, the generation that is already here.
A big hug, and focus your eyes on Christ.

John Peter, John, Jao, JP
My disciple, my friend, my companion for me is always a pleasure to teach you, answer your questions, talk, pray with you, or just love the Lord with you.
It's little brother I remember the first time I saw you, I was used as bait by his sister that you might want to go in the church that Friday.
Maninho people say we can not be so intense, but the intensity is all that God wants from us, so be intense in their search for God, ask yourself, is curious, read the Bible and ask yourself, is how you grows in the Christian's life is increased faith, this is how God is revealed.
Bro you can continue this journey of faith, you can be the prophet of his generation, and that many may come to you because of Jesus, and that the Spirit of God can give you the right words to help and show the way for your school staff and where you are.
God bless you mightily, because this giant heart you have.
God bless you brother.

And that's all folks !!!
Tomorrow is another friendship box to open,
you can not miss, I have many friends to you know,
God bless you.
Matthew Agora.

Friendship Box 2

Galera I will talk a little prayer group ...
In the previous post I talked about my friend who practically founded the prayer group that year, this group met other people very important so let's start with him:


The oldest of the prayer group, this guy is the guy, I'm signed book fan, think of a guy who plays and sings well and still preaches well kkkk, yes it is, a guy who taught me a lot, I remember to this day day that in a conversation in the group he cut in saying,
-If Your eyes are good your whole body will be light ...
I do not remember very well what it was, I know it affected everybody, always very wise in time to talk. I remember that a Christian school personnel began to speak ill of him because he had red hair ... kkkk I protected without knowing the guy in the classroom.
Well this guy al did a worship music to our God that I sing to this day, "You are wonderful, in you I can rest uooo" I made a keyboard version and I still make a studio version with it wait for the scene the next chapters of my life.
Although already make nearly 5 months since we spoke, you are my brother and I will always pray for you, we are travelers on the road, visits by appointment and my time has come, there I go to the fifth city of my life. God bless you guys and if you need to be here, I hope you too will discover the world in God's presence.


Hey boy sings with me !!!
This is how we started talking ... kkkk and I accepted the invitation and we dropped the singing voice YOUR LOVE NOT FAIL !!!!
Gabriel on guitar and we were there singing the greatest truth of this world.
This girl is gold, a true girl who respects others and is always willing to help the people around you, a day that marked me was the day you became very upset and angry with a situation of a girl who is gay and was attacked in front of the school, we saw how much you put in her place and that lesson you gave us.
You gave us a lesson about the love of God, taught us this day that above all else love of God must prevail and reign, and taught us that only the love of God frees us and restore us completely.
Pablo values ​​this girl because she loves you very much, and she always talked about how much he loves you, and how much you are special to her.
Good little sister that God bless you too, and you can be the best manager of the whole land of meadows.
Love in Christ, continue firm in his walk, the kingdom of God continues to advance and you have to be prepared for both people who will run to close to you for help.
God bless you too.


Yes he took the letter, which happiness !!!
Good met this boy because of Gabriel, who always told me that prayed for him, and I began to pray too, because if he is a friend of Gabriel he has just become my friend too.
Yes Bro, we're all running toward one purpose which is the presence, love and the grace of God, you appeared in the middle of this journey, and I felt within me a need to pray for you and strengthen you in faith in advice and covering you in prayer and always offering you the sword is the word of God.
This boy owns a voice, I'll admit to envy, a thick kkkkk voice, a guy good people, that during the prayer meetings in the square when the music was there with his gigantic kkkk cell to display the lyrics of the song for us.
Brown may the Lord bless you greatly in your college, and you can be an excellent nurse.
Man I'll say it again: - If you need me, do not think twice, call me, looking me I will always be available to help you.
Now you owe me one thing kkkk, a role of this car for all Campinas.
Mano not to stray from the ways of the Lord, he is your father (Much better than your earthly father) and he always wants to be with you.


Brown'll confess something, I think much harm to your respect, you thought ... it was a beauty, and you broke me completely, invited me to his birthday kkkkk.
That day my idea about you was broken, for the simple fact that you invited me, and also about his attitude to his family saying that on your birthday only songs that spoke of Jesus and his love would be played, and you resisted bravely to the requests of its kkkkk sister ....
I admire you brow ...
This guy is an intense guy when he comes into a business enters the guy really.
Man I told you you're worth a lot to God, and behold, the girl who marries you will already be a step towards eternal happiness, for you are the most faithful and most determined guy I ever met.
Mano as always I will continue praying for you, that God may bless you mightily, and can give you a wife that is worth its price.
God has the best for you Bro !!! God bless you !!!

Leticia Croca

Look it al !!
Croca, croqueira kkkkkk
Good little sister, you are a super special girl to God and to all of the group.
This loving and brave girl at the same time, you'll understand. kkkk
Maninha you were the last to enter the prayer group, but also has its value, a high value, Jesus gave himself for you, and nothing and no one can erase this value, because this value is blood.
But what for me and for the group of staff, you are special to God, he loves you more of the account.
There were many laughs together, mourners also kkkk, vish what happens when two melancholy are? kkkkk crying and laughing at the right !!!
Thank you sis for you there, and with so little time to have become a sister to me.
I pray that God may bless you much in every area of ​​your life, that he may bless you in the financial area, the ministerial area and also in the sentimental, you deserve God's best, so do not settle for anything kkkkk.
Thank you for the gifts you gave me ... nailed love to read and I like boxes and chocolate also kkkk.
Love in Christ !!!

This is al galerinha will miss.
Good galerinha tomorrow, I want to show you more friends.
If you know likes my friends go there walking our facebook fan-page and not miss any updates from our blog.

God bless you
Matthew Agora

sábado, 14 de março de 2015

Friendships box 1

Hi Guys !!! How long?
Yes folks I'm saying goodbye to another city, Campinas was the land of growth, everything I learned by 2013 in my entire life does not compare how much I learned during 2014 and this beginning 2015.

But if I learned a lot, it was because of some people that God has prepared to teach me, this series will be divided into 8 parts, a series where I will talk about my friends here in Campinas.

This year I had promised to myself that I would not make friends with anyone in my school, but suddenly changed my prayer, I asked God to friend at school.

It all started with a sign on the front door, prayer group every Wednesday, many, many years ago I prayed asking God a prayer group in my school, and I saw there that plate the realization of my dream in the third year of high school.
I started going, and I enjoyed every Wednesday I was running to the house to tell my brother about who attended was so good that.

Then one day someone asked my friendship in the face, making a big proposal:

Yes he invited me to join a theater that he himself had done the script, started rehearsing and suddenly I changed the whole script without changing the essence, but arrived a day before and not sure gave the theater, so we decided to sing.

We sang and LOVE ME GOD THIS, songs that marked the school, the video went viral in the whole school, we fulfill the purpose that all school could hear that Jesus loved them.

After singing the friendship sprang kkk was in school exit gate, where I felt inside me that you would be the friend that God has prepared.
You taught me the value of forgiving and taught me how important it is to have people around, and how important it is to help others, even if he does not want kkkk.
Well, you were the guy who took me to see the theater Jehovah nissi Group, and took me for the first time in a kkk theater actually took me 2 times in the theater, thanks bro.
 I will never forget the day you called to tell me that if I went in the army you would continue praying for me, and said that God would be with me, thank you bro.

Well guys, what I learned from this my friend, is what best friends are in search for the same purpose, and the purpose that we were seeking was the presence and grace of God, and in this journey we meet for a sustain life another, and saving the life of one another in prayer.

I remember the Sunday that you called me after the service to say that his mother had a tumor on his back.
I cried a lot because I felt your pain, but I was not only this, went into fasting and prayer for his life and the life of his mother, was a week and the miracle came, the surgery was a success and she left practically the same hospital day, she warns that it is a miracle kkkkk.

Good learned the power of intercession, we are living proof that God exists !!!!

Bro I have no resources to repay you everything you did for me, I remember the days you were in the church to be practically silent while I talked nonstop kkkk ...

Mano will always pray for your life, I'll cover with the mantle of prayer and always will offer you the sword is the word of God in this world they will be their weapons ... bora to war.

Whenever you need call me ...;)

Well guys a big hug to all, tomorrow is the second part, and it is logical you can not miss.!
So enjoy our fan-page on Facebook, and do not miss any more update our blog.
A big hug
Matthew Agora

quinta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2013

It's time to stand

Personal ! Hello ! Today Wednesday blessed by God ..
 Last Friday I preached at noon worship and worship of the Church dokmos Fountain of Life in Franca - SP

And the cult noon I made a reflection on Isaiah 60:1 and I want to share a little with you. and says:
Arise, shine, for your light has come , and the glory of the LORD rises upon you ;
Isaiah 60:1

All Christians we always sang and sang and prayed for the glory of the Lord upon us , we always ask that the Lord save us from the bad times , we always ask for the Lord to illumine our path ... we always ask for the glory of Jesus over our lives .

It is logical that we have to ask for the glory of the Lord , but Isaiah 60:1 teaches us something before receiving the Glory of the Lord , sometimes we want our darkness over soon in the blink of an eye , sometimes we receive the blessings the Lord , the Lord receive the exhaust without praying without fasting , finally without having an intimate contact with God and it is not so ...

Before the glory of God shine on us it takes us Raise ... Position is in need ... we must pick ourselves up all the dust ...

For the glory of God shine through us we need to stop being lazy ... It's time to play ...

A great hug
And even more ...
Matthew Agora

quinta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2013

Word of the Week.

Hello everybody! ! Glad you came here on our blog , you should know that I am very happy and very glad you came to visit us .

The Word of the Week .
" God does not forget us "

But Zion said, The Lord hath forsaken me , and my Lord hath forgotten me.
Can a woman forget her son who both creates , have no compassion on the son of her womb? But even that may forget , yet will I not forget thee.
Behold, on the palms of my hands I have graven thee : thy walls are continually before me .
Isaiah 49:14-16

In this verse God shows us love and love qu more account . You know God was with you when you were abandoned, God was with you when you go unmolested , God was with you when your mother or father died , God was with you when your friends left you .
God is with you every day when you go to sleep , when you wake up, go to their obligations , God sees each tear of pain out of your face , God sees every smile on your face . He knows all your thoughts .
Oh you think that God let these bad things happen to me ... in everything God has a purpose , if I tell you everything that has happened to me will tell you that God is very bad, but look at this verse from the Bible :

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God , to them who are the called according to his purpose .
Romans 8:28

All things work for our good ... if it had not happened to me so many things , maybe today I would not be here today I would not have supported you say that God does not abandon you , a mother can forget her child , but God never forgets us , and this is proved when you wake up the next day and see the window the sunlight shining in your room ... this goes beyond the natural , God is breaking through the darkness comes to me saying my son ! ! It's a new day ... is a new time for you to come and run to the feet of the Lord and surrender his life in his hands .

He is good all the time ...

A big hug ! !

terça-feira, 15 de outubro de 2013

Word of the Week

Hello Friends ! ! How long ... these days I have learned so much from God , first that God is good all the time , He is faithful and does not change , he is the same yesterday today and forever will be , and he is and always will be merciful .
 In those days I had a very good dream one day ago , in this dream I was in a church full of people was a church like a theater full of galleries a platform very lovely full well equipped and in back of the room had a very large portal and rustic and beautiful and the walls were spelled the words " Psalms 00:10 ," I have read the book of psalms often and I do not remember this verse and so I woke up I was looking in the Bible ... And he had not even the verse ?
And look what he said :

Who is this King of Glory? The Lord of hosts , he is the King of Glory . ( Selah )
Psalms 24:10

You know my interpretation of this dream ?
It was a day when God will reveal himself to us ! ! We will meet the King who many say , sometimes in a distorted way or other intensions $ $ $ , but I believe that the King of Glory will be revealed and the IRAM antique doors open and the King of Glory will come back to get us.

And are you prepared for the coming of Jesus ?

I hope anxious for the return of our savior and redeemer # JESUS
Let's prepare church! ! Because we do not know the day nor the hour in which He will return ...

A big hug !
Matthew Agora

quinta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2013

Thoughts (word of the week)

Hello everybody! ! How long for ? Miss you all , today I went back to get kkkkk ( laughs ) .

Today our word of the week come in Matthew 5

The fifth chapter of Matthew tells us that Jesus began to teach us about the kingdom of heaven ,

 more popularly known as the Sermon on the Mount .

And Jesus , seeing the multitudes , went up into a mountain, and sat down , approached him their dicipulos ;

And opening his mouth , and taught them , saying :

Blessed are the poor in spirit , for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus teaches us that the kingdom of the heavens are the poor in spirit , the poor word does not refer to those who have little money, but it refers to humility or rather those who rely on God.

Nowadays especially with me I see how much people and I wanted to walk with our own legs without relying on anyone, saying I'll get Jesus at home , know that in your own advice you will lose SUPERB .

This word came to me yesterday maybe if Jesus turns the kingdoms of heaven and would not be my time or yours.

Blessed are those who depend on the Lord , for theirs is the kingdom of heaven ,
Blessed is the accepting correction , for theirs is the kingdom of heaven ,
Blessed is the working honestly for theirs is the kingdom of heaven ,
Blessed following the advice of Jesus .

Only this verse I can see all these things , poor spirits who depend on healthy gentleman who accept correction , the honest , those who follow the ways of Jesus them are the kingdoms of heaven ! !

Be humble as Jesus was !

A Big Hug !
Matthew Agora !

terça-feira, 23 de abril de 2013

Showcase of God for this world!!

Hello my friends brothers, today begins the section of postings about roots!!
This is a message that God touched my heart to write this and there over a letter that God used me to write to you, we are showcases of God to this world:

You, however, are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, to proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.
1 Peter 2:9

We are a chosen generation, Jesus called us! We are Royal Priests, princes are God's holy nation, because the King is above all that is holy, unique people of God!
God has called us to be Great, God called us to be noble, it looks strong, he called us to holiness, he called us to be free, free from ourselves, he called us to be approved by him!!

Let's Honor the Lord with Vitrine, Pastor Cleonice always say it for us:
-We are showcases of God to the world.
And this showcase she says is not a window that shows fashion clothing, tennis fashion, music fashion, the boy fashion, fashion girl but the glory light the difference and holiness of our God Most High !!

He called you and he gives you one more chance tomorrow morning to take action to leave the darkness and come to light, because the Lord your God will give you a new name, new clothes, it will make you out of dust and you to sit with princes, he'll clean up, it will make you be the best the best person in the world that does not reflect the fashion that the world imposes and the thoughts and the songs of the "world", but that shows the love Peace forgiveness truth hope the joy that is God's light, he called you to sing the songs of heaven, the music of worship to him, and not the music of conflict, he called you to reflect his word, which is the Bible! I invite you today to come back the roots of worship, the roots of peace, love roots, roots that Jesus did develop in me and you but by fatigue, by idiocy, for lack of shame in the face, preferred to go for within the big world, you go to your preferred person desire, and you tore the roots, the real roots and birthed the roots of envy, hatred, deceit, fear, self-defrauding, insecurity, you became unbeliever, you went to the darkness again.

But God calls you to return to the marvelous light shine!!

This is the root we have to let us form inside the root, the root of Holiness!!

that's all folks!! Leave a comment, a big hug!!

Matthew Agora
I'm Free

segunda-feira, 8 de abril de 2013

morning prayer

Hello Guys!! Good morning to all of you, our delayed schedule today anyway we pray for our day!
I invite you now to remember their sin committed yesterday in domingão is if you committed today is time to reconcile with God.
This morning is a special time for you to apologize to our Father!!

Remember, O Lord, of thy tender mercies and thy loving-kindnesses, for they are from eternity.
Remember not the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions: according to thy mercy remember thou me for thy goodness' sake, O LORD.
Good and upright is the LORD: therefore will he teach sinners in the way
Psalms 25:6-8

God is merciful to forgive us of all our iniquity! Our merciful God but he is still good and Straight!! And today he is teaching us the right way to go!!

Pray with me:

"Lord for your mercy! We forgive all our iniquities, Lord forgive us for all our sins! Lord You are so grating and pray for forgiveness for all our sin!
Lord we thank you for what you are tremendous, thank you thank you for your mercy that is renewed every morning!! Lord Jesus I love you, you're great lord, lord love you, longing for more of you every day!! I love you! I thank you and honor you with my life on your altar!!
It is in your name I pray, amen! "

Even later, a big hug
Matthew Agora